Sports – Autumn offer


In the pool

Aquarelax : 25 min – max 6 people 
Gentle aquagym involving gentle muscle exercises, stretching and relaxation.

“Air bubble” breathing technique : 20 min – max 3 people 
A breathing technique based on letting go completely and total relaxation.

Aquabike : 25 min – max 6 people
Exercise to music on an aquabike that gives you a cardiovascular and cardiorespiratory work-out, as well as having a firming and massaging effect on the thighs and buttocks.

Aquafitness : 25 min – max 6 people 
Aquagym to music focusing on a cardiovascular, cardiorespiratory and full muscle work-out.

AquaPilates : 25 min max 6 people
Exercise that uses the principals of the Pilates method in the pool. The water provides resistance and means the body has to work harder to balance, giving the core muscles a thorough work-out.

Aquafit Dance : 25 minmax 6 people
Energetic choreographed aquagym focusing on an intense cardiovascular, cardiorespiratory and muscle work-out.

Powerbike : 25 min max 6 people
Energetic exercise to music on a bike that gives you a more intense cardiovascular and cardiorespiratory work-out, as well as having a massaging effect on the thighs and buttocks.


“Earth mother” breathing techniques – 40 min – max 6 people – gym studio –
A technique based on awareness of the breath and connection to oneself.

Stretching : 25 min – max 6 people
Activity based on gentle stretching movements that bring a larger range of motion

Pilates : 50 min – max 6 people 
Gentle exercise that targets the postural muscles and improves the alignment
of the spine while working with the breath.

Muscle strengthening : 50 min – max 6 people – gym studio –
Exercise aimed at toning and strengthening all the muscles groups.

Yoga : 50 min – In the studio or outside –
A spiritual and physical practice aimed at mastering balance, movements and the breath.

BodySculpt : 50 min – max 6 people –
Exercise that aims at working each! muscle hard with specific equipment that is replaced every quarter.


« Energy » breathing technique : 40 min – max 6 people – Beach –
A technique that aims to build energy and release emotions.

Sea air walk : 50 min – max 10 people –
An oxygenating walk by the sea combined with exercises of varied levels.

Longe-cote : 50 min max 6 people
Aquasize in the sea involving a walk that works all muscle groups and burns a significant number of calories. Suits provided.


Personal training

uPulse Health : 45 min
Interactive review carried out using a sensor to review your physical aptitudes.

Individual personal training : 50 min
A personalised training session tailored to your own abilities and goals.
(Aquaphobie, footing, specific training, Pilates, cardio training…).


* An exercise programme is designed for all clients who have had the uPulse health fitness review, available on the uPulse health app (for smartphone or tablet).

* An exercise training programme for the year will be developed for our annual Gold Pass or Fitness Pass customers alongside the customer on the Upulse app. (Updated every two months)